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Our team can help with phone and data point cabling, LANs and WiFi installations for your business or customers. We have our own in-house field technicians that provide an exceptional customer experience with quality products and components.

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Phone and data point cabling

We have our own dedicated team of field technicians who can look after all of your network cabling needs, phone and data point installations and make sure those LAN cabinets are kept tidy and organised! Contact us if you are planning a new site (or site expansion/renovation) or relocating your business and we can help you plan and implement the appropriate connectivity.

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WiFi for Business

WiFi for Business utilises a wireless local area network and is particularly useful in large buildings or more obscure office spaces. It provides access to one network across multiple physical sites, so no matter where you are you always get a consistently strong and fast internet connection! The business-grade WiFi gets the right signal to the right places so employees can roam around your office or to different floors without losing their connection. Click here for more information.

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Managed Network Security

World class security solutions using Cisco Meraki hardware to provide 100% centralised cloud management security, networking and application control. Click here for more information.